Dose Expression Workshop presentations

Dose Expression Workshop programme.pdf




6 nov - 1.The dose expression dilemma. State of the art in Europe_P Balsari & E Gil.pdf

6 nov - 2.Dose expression. Point of view of PPP manufacturers_M Teichmann.pdf

6 nov - 3.Encountered problems for dose expression harmonisation_I Langer.pdf

6 nov - 4. Importance of clear information on the pesticide label and appropriate expression _C Lythgo.pdf

6 nov - 5.First steps to define the rules for implementation of LWA dose expression in France_V Mironet.pdf

7 nov - 1.Importance and methods for an accurate canopy characterisation_JV Zande.pdf

7 nov - 2.Harmonisation of dose expression is the key to dose adjustment_G Doruchowski.pdf

7 nov - 3.1.UK PACE cheme_PJ WALKLATE.pdf


7 nov - 3.2.Dosage adapté_PH Dubuis.pdf


7 nov - 3.3.Optidose®, a method using an adjustment of the pesticide dose and DeciTrait_A Davy.pdf

7 nov - 3.4.DOSAVIÑA_EGil.pdf


7 nov - 4.Importance of well-adjusted sprayer to guarantee the dose expression funtioning_E Gil.pdf

7 nov - 5.Dose optimisation through recapture-recycle spraying and sensor LiDAR spraying_AJ Hewitt_2.pdf

7 nov - 6.Dosa3D system for adjusting doses in fruits and grapes orchards_S Planas.pdf

7 nov - 7. Dose expression and use of Leaf Wall Area with improved application techniques in fruit crops_M Wenneker.pdf

7 nov - 9.Experimental modelling of spraying deposit according to vine canopy architecture to design scenarios_M Carra.pdf

7 nov - 10.Importance of sprayer performance for dose adjustment and plant protection security_S Codis.pdf

7 nov - 11.Orchard Dose adjustment decision tools. The scenarios tested in france_F Verpont.pdf