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The Agricultural Machinery Unity (UMA) is a group of transfer and research that it has as central core the world of agricultural machinery, with great experience especially in the field of  technology in phytosanitary products application.

The activities developed by the UMA are divided in three sections: teaching, research and technology transfer. The  relationship that the group maintains with the main companies in the sector (machine manufacturers, agricultural organizations and agrochemical companies) enables the organization of teaching activities in which the student has the latest knowledgements in the sector, which it allows a perfectly adapted training to current professional needs. These lines have been reinforced through the coordination of a European project H2020 (INNOSETA) and participation in another (OPTIMA) for the period 2018-21.

The research activity obtains results directly applicable to the productive sector due to the close relationship with manufacturers and agricultural producers. All this generates an interesting feed-back that it has already generated significant benefits. 


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