Inspector courses

The obligatory periodic inspection of the application equipment of phytosanitary products is included in Directive 2009/128/EC by which the framework of community action is established to achieve a sustainable use of pesticides.

Since 2011, the traditional training course for technicians and inspectors of the ITEAF stations (Technical Inspection of Application Equipment for Phytosanitary Products) has been held. In May 2018, a special course was given, entitled "Specialization course in phytosanitary application technology: technical inspection (ISO 16122) and requirements for new equipment (ISO 16119)", aimed at Chilean technicians in collaboration with INIA, although technicians from Spain also participated. For the course we counted on the active collaboration of Lechler, Aams-Salvarani, Pulverizadores Fede and the Escuela Politécnica Superior de Huesca.