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Emilio Gil

Professor of the Department of Agri-Food Engineering and Biotechnology of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and Director of the Agricultural Mechanization Unit. Director of the Syngenta-UPC Chair and has been Director of the International Viticulture Master of the UPC. He is a professor of the PhD program in agriculture and forestry at the University of Turin. Principal researcher and coordinator of numerous national and international research projects in the field of phytosanitary application technology. He has been a professor at Cornell University (USA). Coordinator of the INNOSETA project of the European program H2020. Advisor of the Ministry of Agriculture in the preparation of the Royal Decree on inspections and the subsequent National Action Plan. Author and coordinator of the Inspection Manual of application equipment in use. Expert member selected for the EIP-FOCUS GROUP in Precision Agriculture (DG Rural Development - European Union). Expert member of ISO and of the European Committee of Normalization (CEN 144) for the elaboration of norms related to the equipment of application of phytosanitary ware. Training coordinator in training programs of the Directorate General of Quality and Food Safety of the European Union (DG SANTE). Expert Advisor (TAIEX) of the Government of Serbia for the implementation of a mandatory program of inspections of plant protection application equipment. Advisor of the Institute of Agri-Food Research (INIA) of Chile for the implementation of a mandatory program of inspection of application equipment. He is a member of the Club of Bologna. Member of SPISE (Standardization Procedure for the Inspections of Sprayers in Europe). Member of ASABE. Member of AAB. Member of the Jury of Technical News of FIMA (Zaragoza). Wine research award Manuel A. Campos Lafuente (2002), Prize for the best doctoral thesis on agricultural issues (access) awarded by Fertiberia (2004) and Prize of the College of Agronomists of Center and Canary Islands for a work on Precision Agriculture ( 2002). He has published more than 40 scientific articles in international impact journals and more than 150 technical and dissemination articles. He is editor and expert reviewer of the most prestigious scientific journals in the sector and has given more than 50 invited lectures in as many other countries. He has published several technical books. He has been Director of the Government of Aragón Office in Brussels. Finally, he is the author of the novel Zarpazos en el alma (Ed. Los Libros del Gato Negro, 2017) and saxophonist of the music band of Rivas, gold medal of the Ejea de los Caballeros Village. Author of the book Banda de música de Rivas. Celebración de un siglo y cuarto de andanzas mucicales (2008), Historia del socialismo y el sindicalismo en Rivas (2010) and Entre El Riguel y La Bardena (2011).


Jordi Llop

Ph.D in Agricultural Engineering from the UPC, with an FPI grant, MSc in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Lleida (UdL) and Degree in Agricultural Engineering (UPC). He works in tasks centered on national and European research and transfer projects, specialized in the field of agricultural mechanization and environmental protection. He is also an Associate Professor of Machinery at ESAB-UPC. The doctoral thesis was based on the optimization of the phytosanitary treatments in greenhouse crops. He was stagiere in to the Crop Protection Technology Unit of the University of Torino (Italy).



Montse Gallart

She received the PhD degree in crop science from UPC, the Bachelor in Environmental Science from UAB and the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from UPC. Currently, she is a research assistant with the UMA and the Group of Composting of the Department of Agri-Food Engineering and Biotechnology (DEAB-UPC). Her PhD focused on weed biology and ecology. She was an Adjunct Lecturer with DEAB-UPC teaching Ecology and Environmental Impact Assessments from 2005 to 2011. List of publications.


Enric Armengol

Agricultural Engineer (UPC) and Executive MBA (EADA). He has a solid experience in the field of marketing and sales in the agricultural sector, assuming increasing responsibilities to management positions in multinationals of the agricultural machinery sector. Professional with strategic vision, capacity for negotiation, to establish interpersonal relationships, and for problem solving. He has extensive experience in the management and dynamization of work teams, as well as in the management of economic resources.



Javier Campos

He has a degree in Agricultural Engineering by the UPC and MSc in Remote Sensing and GIS by the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). Doctoral student with a FI grant of the Generalitat de Catalunya. His thesis focuses on emerging technologies to precision agriculture in three-dimensional crops applied to pesticide treatments. In addition, it also participates in the rest of projects that are developed in the UMA.



Paula Ortega

Degree in Agricultural Engineer from UPC and MSc in Bioinformatics and Biostatistics at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC). She is a pre-doc working in the experimental design and statistical analysis of the main research projects of the UMA, and collaborating in the BTSF courses and other training activities.