Demostration project of the Generalitat of Catalunya - microÚs

Reduction of the use of copper in horticultural crops by a microencapsulation technique (microÚs).

Funding entityProject founded through Operation 01.02.01 of Technology Transfer of the Catalan Rural Development Program. Resolution ACC/2791/2021 

Reference56 30150 2021 P4. 

Period: From 30/06/2022 to 30/06/2024

Project coordinator: UMA-UPC 

Repeated application of copper-based pesticides are the main source of copper contamination in agricultural soils. The latest European Union regulations regarding the use of copper in agriculture (2018/1981 of December 13, 2018) have highlighted the need for the reduction of its use and/or the search for alternatives to copper as a phytosanitary product, especially in intensive horticultural crops, which its dependence on copper is certainly high.

This activity aims to demonstrate how the use of the components of a new formulation of microencapsulated copper increases the deposition of copper on the leaves of different horticultural crops, selected for their importance in Catalan agriculture: lettuce, barley and tomato. Therefore, its use by farmers would improve the sustainability of the process, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of applications and consequently reducing the amount of product applied, in line with the provisions of the European Regulation.